Our History

In February 1966 the Orchestra first met at Watford Boys’ Grammar School under the leadership of the music teacher Mr F W Thomas and instrumental teacher Mrs Betty Weitz.

It was a group formed to encourage 6th formers, Old Boys, their parents and friends of the school to continue to play in an orchestra.

Fifty years on the orchestra is still going strong and recently celebrated its half centenary  with a special concert in All Saint's Church, Croxley Green.

Writen by Mr M. Elliott in 1966

Orchestra Workshop is for players of all ages who want experience in orchestral playing. Some members have returned to an instrument after a lapse of some years. Others are more experienced players who stay with us because they enjoy Workshop. Students are very welcome. The minimum grade of playing is grade four.

We work hard, but there is a pleasantly informal atmosphere which reassures the less able.

The written account of the inaugural meeting of the "Adult Beginners' Orchestra" - A.K.A Orchestra Workshop

As the result of an agreement between Mr L K Turner, the Head Master of Watford Grammer school for boys, his directer of music, Mr F W Thomas and Mrs Weitz to form a string orchestra to encourage VIth formers "old boys" their parents and friends of the school in orchestral playing, a meeting was held on Friday 11th February 1966 at 8p.m. in the music room. Twenty one people attended this inaugural meeting, which was opened by a brief adress by mr. Thomas, who also intoduced Mr Weitz.  No time was wasted, groups were formed, music was issued and the first rehersal was launched.  A register of merbers' names, adresses and 'phone numbers was compiled and the rehersal ended at 9.30 p.m.

Reactions were most favourable and all look forward with pleasure to the next meeting Friday 25th Febuary, same time and place.